Overview of Services

We are an all-purpose commercial door repair company. Whatever your door needs are for your business, we can fix it.  See the below list of some of the specific services we provide and contact us so we can help!

Emergency Service Calls

We're available 24/7 to assist you with any of your door or glass emergencies. From malfunctioning hardware to a situation requiring a temporary board-up, we can help you secure your business and determine a path forward for a permanent repair.

Automatic Doors

We service and repair all makes and models of automatic doors including bi-parting, single-slide, bi-fold, telescopic, handicap operators, and more.

Storefront Doors

We are storefront door experts and can solve any and all issues relating to all makes and models.

Complete Door & Frame Replacement

Remodeling your business or need to replace an old door and frame unit? We can handle that. Our technicians are excellent craftsman who take pride in the finished product. From initial tear out to the finishing touches and all the way through cleanup, our team ensures every detail is taken care of so your business is up to proper building codes.

Repairs/ Replacements


Our team is capable of handling any and all door repair or replacement needs. Does your building have rusted out hollow metal doors? Did the previous building tenants let the doors fall to a state of disrepair? Have you been told your doors are not up to code? If you answered yes to any of these questions or are having any other door issues, no worries! We have seen it all! Contact us and we will come out and evaluate your needs and work with you on the best plan to get your business entry ways back in tiptop shape.

Door Hardware

We stock most standard door hardware so that we can respond to your needs almost immediately. This includes door closers, hinges, pivots, locks, panic bars, thresholds, weather stripping, and much more! Anything we don't have in stock, we will expedite an order for and get it as fast as we can so that we can get your doors fully operational as soon as possible.

New Installations

We offer very competitive pricing when bidding on new construction projects. Our prices on materials and labor rates are very reasonable and there is no job too big or too small. Contact us today for an estimate.

Access Control

Our team can handle troubleshooting and installation of smaller scale access control systems.

Door Maintenance

We offer preventative maintenance repair programs to save you money in the long run. Fix small problems at very reasonable prices before they become costly major issues. Remember, a slamming door is not a happy door! Contact us as soon as possible if you find that any of your doors are slamming, scraping, rubbing, binding, squeaking, or anything else out of the ordinary.

ATTENTION RESTAURANT OWNERS/MANAGERS: If you can see daylight around the perimeter of the frame, you will NOT pass a health inspection. Contact us so we can help you!

Glass Services

In the unfortunate event your business has succumb to a break-in, vandalism, or unfortunate motor operated vehicle/equipment accident, we have you covered. We will make necessary repairs and replacements as needed to bring your business back to where it was before or better! Limited storefront installations offered (i.e. entrance systems and surrounding glass).

Contact us...

Contact us to discuss your door repair needs and to request an estimate if your business is in need of any of our services.